Mars Recommended Reading

Below you will find a listing of publications we recommend for any teacher, student or enthusiast looking to learn more about Planet Mars and topics related. We will continue to add to this list so please check regularly as new titles arrive every week.

The Case for Mars

‘Mars Direct’ – Read Robert Zubrin’s New 50-Page Kindle Edition

The human race is at a crossroads.  In the coming years, we will make decisions about our human spaceflight program that will lead to one of two familiar futures: the open universe of Star Trek, where we have the opportunity to spread our wings and flourish as an interplanetary species or the closed dystopia of Soylent Green.  If we ever hope to live in the former scenario, says Mars Society founder Dr. Robert Zubrin, our first stepping stone must be a manned mission to Mars.

Case For Mars: Kindle Edition

The Callahan Kids: Tales of Life on Mars (Kindle Edition on Amazon)

By: Ben Bova, Jim Denney, Marianne Dyson, Brian Enke, Rebecca Rowe, Tom Hill, Michael Carroll

What would it be like to live on Mars? Find out in The Callahan Kids: Tales of Life on Mars, an anthology for middle-school readers created by science fiction writers and a team of engineers at 4Frontiers Corporation. The stories take place at Bradbury Base, a realistic Mars settlement that is full of surprises for the first kids growing up there. The nine original tales in the book are beautifully illustrated by Michael Carroll whose artwork has flown in space. Contributors include Hugo-winning author Ben Bova, young adult authors Jim Denney and Rebecca Rowe, artist Phil Smith, former NASA flight controller Marianne Dyson, space scientist Brian Enke, and aerospace engineer Tom Hill. Proceeds will support educational projects to promote the human settlement of the space frontier (by the kids who read this book!).

Featured Books List:
For a comprehensive bibliography of Mars-related material, it is suggested
the reader proceed to the following link:

If you click on “Booklook”, you will get a menu.  Enter “Mars” in the “subject” line,
over 300 items will appear.  If you wish to visit the Lowell Observatory in
Flagstaff, Az, arrangements can be made with the librarian mentioned on the
page with “Booklook”.
Thanks to Bob Bruner who donated much of this Mars collection
to Lowell, collected over a 60-year period.

How to Live on Mars Book Cover

How to Live on Mars: A Trusty Guidebook to Surviving and Thriving on the Red Planet

Thinking about moving to mars? Well, why not? Mars, after all, is the planet that holds the greatest promise for human colonization. But why speculate about the possibilities when you can get the real scientific scoop from someone who’s been happily living and working there for years?





Other Non-Fiction Books on by Dr. Robert Zubrin (Mars Society Founder & President)

Non-Fiction Titles

  • The International Atlas of Mars Exploration-The First Five Decades: 1953 to 2003
  • Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void
  • Roving Mars: Spirit, Opportunity, and the Exploration of the Red Planet
  • A Traveler’s Guide to Mars
  • Exploring Mars: Chronicles from a Decade of Discovery
  • Trailblazing Mars: NASA’s Next Giant Leap
  • A Passion for Mars: Intrepid Explorers of the Red Planet
  • Mars: Uncovering the Secrets of the Red Planet
  • Mars and Its Canals (Classic Reprint)

Childrens Books about Mars

  • You Are the First Kid on Mars
  • This Morning Sam Went to Mars

Mars in Literature Book List:

  • Across the Zodiac (1880)
  • Melbourne and Mars: My Mysterious Life on Two Planets (1889)
  • Unveiling a Parallel (1893)
  • Journey to Mars (1894)
  • A Prophetic Romance (1896)
  • The War of the Worlds (1898)
  • Edison’s Conquest of Mars (1898)
  • A Honeymoon in Space (1900)
  • Gullivar of Mars (1905)
  • Doctor Omega (1906)
  • Le prisonnier de la planète Mars [Vampires of Mars] (1908) and its sequel La guerre des
  • vampires [War of the Vampires] (1909)
  • Red Star (1908)
  • A Trip to Mars is a silent film created by Thomas Edison in 1910.
  • Le Mystère des XV (1911)
  • A Princess of Mars and another 10 Mars stories (1912–1943)
  • Aelita (1922)
  • The Swordsman of Mars and Outlaws of Mars (both 1933)
  • “A Martian Odyssey” (1934), a short story by Stanley G. Weinbaum
  •  Out of the Silent Planet (1938)
  • What Mad Universe (1949)
  • The Martian Chronicles (1950)
  • Marooned on Mars (1952)
  • No Man Friday (1956) Inspired the 1964 movie Robinson Crusoe on Mars.
  • The Outward Urge (1959)
  • Dweller in the Gulf (1932), The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis (1932) and Vulthoom (1935)
  • The Northwest Smith stories (1933–1936)
  • Legion of Space Series (1934–1982)
  • The Secret of Sinharat, People of the Talisman, The Sword of Rhiannon (1953)
  •  “Heredity” (1941), a short story
Robert A. Heinlein repeatedly used Mars as a setting for his novels and short stories, including:
  • Podkayne of Mars (1962)
  • The Green Hills of Earth (1947)
  • Red Planet (1949)
  • The Rolling Stones (1952)
  • Seetee Ship (1949) and Seetee Shock (1950)
  • Genesis (story) (1951)
  • “Omnilingual” (1957)
  • The Sands of Mars (1951)
  • David Starr, Space Ranger (1952)
  • The Martian Way (1952)
  • Author: Isaac Asimov
  • “One in Three Hundred” (1954)
  • “The Badge of Infamy” (1957)
  • The Sirens of Titan (1959)
  • Perry Rhodan series (1961- )
  •  “A Rose for Ecclesiastes” (1963)
  • Philip K. Dick’ Martian Time Slip (1964)
  • The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (1965)
  • Destination Mars (1963)
  • “Ananke” (1982)
  • Watchmen (1985)
  • The Forge of God (1987)
  • Desolation Road (1988)
  • Draka series (1989-), a dystopian alternate history
  • Terry Bisson Voyage to the Red Planet (1990)
  • Red Genesis (1991)
  • Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy (Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars, 1992–1996)
  • Mars (1992), Return to Mars (1999) and Mars Life (2008)
  • Moving Mars (1993)
  • Red Dust (1993)
  • Bright Messengers (1995)
  • Voyage (1996)
  • Mars Underground (1997)
  • Author: William K. Hartmann
  • Olympus Mons (1998)
  • Beige Planet Mars (1998)
  • Semper Mars (1998)
  • “Mars is No Place for Children” (1999)
  • The Martian Race (1999)
  • Mars (1999)
  • Mars Crossing (2000)
  • “The Great Wall of Mars” (2000)
  • Cronin Mars Trilogy: As It Is On Mars (2001), Give Us This Mars (2003), and Glory Be To Mars (2005)
  • First Landing (2002)
  • In the Hall of the Martian King (2003), The Sky So Big and Black (2002)
  • Falling Onto Mars
  • Ilium/Olympus series (2003- )
  • An Old Fashioned Martian Girl (2004)
  • New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop (2010-ongoing)
  • “Bradbury Weather” (2005)
  •  “Zero Summer” (2007)
  •  “Excerpt from Memoirs of a Martian Demirep” (2007)

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